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Originally published on July 18, 2011 in General

Woke to another day of death and sorrow
madmen rambling 'bout power and greed
just like yesterday,just like tomorrow
touching my mind,sowing the seed
telling me ' hate your neighbour,let him die'
I close my eyes as they talk to me
ask myself 'what good am I'
when Luther King could not let it be

Now wisemen come and go die for their cause
take lip from no one
don't even want applause
live for me and you
so what we gonna do

Now something grabbed me a long time ago
it kicked my soul in, punched me in the face
it said 'the trains coming 'round slow'
left it's trail without any trace
four seasons gone as I hear the cry
bow to the madmen as love dies a million deaths
ask myself 'what good am I'
with every second,third, fourth breath

The freaks rule as they break the rules
stuck inside a day dream , not coming out
keep teaching the kids to follow fools
and not to question what's it all about
don't let them call you crazy, don't you catch their eye
keep in with the madmen,that's all you gotta do
even as you ask yourself 'what good am I'
another child dies, she wasn't worth as much as you

Now I heard, it was to be, how it's always been
but I can't be like all the rest, another no good follower
damn you madmen and damn me to as I stand in my skin
you've had all the time but still no answer
nature flows in harmony, you preach confusion
won't stay down no more
what good am I in your destruction
just looking for a Mohammed Jesus saviour

Saw the living things looked to the sky
a strange man not of this time
red tops and neon lights that advertise
a voice for freedom written in mime
look at the children hear them sigh
will you sell them for a price
ask yourself what good am I
what's your goal,what's your vice?

A man came along to show us the way
they put him out,put him down
called him false,to risque
told him to go to the next town
the chariot came down from on high
but the rider loved herself
said 'what good am I'
I just take bribes in this living hell

As the euro,dollar and pound
steal my faith and turn away
as they fall down,crash to the ground
because I turned a deaf ear to my brothers cry
but I was dancing to your tune
danced, but what good am I
danced when it was wrong
is it wrong to understand
the poets song
tell me
where do we go from here
will I wake in a world of fear?

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 26519
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