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Originally published on July 18, 2011 in Song Lyrics


I heard there was, a woman that gave love
prayed to God above
but you didn't tell me
'bout her, did ya
she talks sense
fills in the blanks that you missed
about the fall and how to rise
above the world in disguise

Your brother died
you watched as she brought him back to life
her soul her faith in the human race
brought you to your knees in disgrace
as she sang 'bout all the love
like it was coming from above

Now maybe the churchman got it right
maybe politicians hold the light
but she performed miricales
beneath the rain and the hail
never mentioned God or Allah
raised him up hallelujah

It's like she's been here before
just a woman with all her chores
she just loves me and you
doesn't see what we do
her victory is in her heart
onward she practices the black art

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 26521
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