UKArchive ID: 26669why did you call on me? by royrodel
Originally published on September 2, 2011 in Song Lyrics

why did you call on me?

Pushed about
she was born to be my dawn
wrote about her
sang her song
gave her my soul
she turned it into one

when we were betrothed
she didn't know my name
but she'd heard his word
in this crying game
she loved Elvis and Jesus's tune
we shared the same sun and moon
midnight and noon

I remember
She stood as a beacon,
when her daddy died
looked me in the eye,said 'don't you do what my daddy done,
it's you 'n me boy, you just sit there and cry,
your path to heaven aint gonna be no fun'

So I followed the railroad tracks
jumped on the road to hell
there was no going back
from all this kiss and tell
never thought about ten years down the line
just prayed to Bhudda, she'd still be mine

The world just exploded with all its cares
she put down in writing all of its demands
every nerve in my body went into my prayer
as I stood as the lonely man from every land
standing in front of the world,waiting for her next clue
that'd inspire Bhudda ,me and you

She said 'you're not so old, that you can't love,
you can give a little bit and love me more',
so I read Bibles of truth and lies
listened to John Lennon
'till I was hypnotised
hated Lennon but her I could not despise

She woke me up this morning
she said 'do you love me?
'cause I love you'
made me toast and coffee,
sat silently
twisting her betrothed ring
I said ' I got tears in my eyes for you,
just tell me what song to sing'

Letters from the damned keep on coming
she just cries at the sea shore
gives them all a reason for believing
forgives them a million times and a little bit more
I just always knew about her cause
because I see all the people clutching at straws

I heard her trembling heart protecting the truth
as she looked across the fields
giving wisdom to our youth
it took seven brothers and a thousand mourning mothers
to live her nightmare
as they asked ' who is she, that she can live for others

They asked me how to kill her
I said ' who are you that I should have to lie'
they offered me their children
and all their living hell
I said 'I never asked for anything you couldn't give,
never asked for anything you didn't rebel
now I'm just a disciple like you
so go back to living like the islamic jew

So I send your enemies back from whenst they came
did I dissapoint you as I call your name
all I know is what I see
so why, tell me why?
why did you call on me?

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
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