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seven days

Seven days came and went
rainman clicked his heels
wiith a longing to repent
looked me up in the phone book
to sell me his deals
to break the seals
of now he feels
wanted to talk to his forefathers
grieve for his long lost brothers
asked why we hadn't done this before

The ashtrays were full
so everyone started to stop smoking
children brainwashed into disgracing
by people who were facing
another seven days of justifying
why they didn't bother to save
to pay someone to tend their grave
and why they gave spare change to charity
for what it meant in it's vulgarity

The queen's son was to marry
a celebrity who was a bonny,bonny lassie
who'd been raised on pomp and bourgeoisie
someone who spoke all about jealousy
amongst her sisters and peers
as she kept the league of nations in fear
she'd invite Jesus Christ if he'd shave his beard
gave him seven days for the recorded reply
if he wanted to meet her in clouds in the sky

The doorman was all beat after making a score
with his sense of humanity up for sale
he told me how his gran had went of the rails
they'd locked her up in the old folks jail
and how he'd put her house up for sale
to pay for her to live in their hell
after seven days she couldn't stand the smell
all of a sudden he wasn't suprised
as he assured me his broken God hadn't lied

I asked rainman where he'd been
if he was okay and who he'd seen
and the people who disgraced their children
I couldn't stand to look at them
I had no queen or bourgeoisie lassie
I wasn't even proper or someone you call classy
I'd forgoten the doorman after seven days
as he bowed to his broken God and prayed
after seven,after seven,after seven,after seven days

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franciman on 02-09-2011
Roy, I don't normally comment on songs, as the lack of music makes it difficult for me to fix the lyrics in my brain!

This one though spoke to me of Bob Dylan, sort of his voice but with Don Maclean's lyrics. (American Pie with a shift in time and culture)

I had to comment as I liked this one so much.


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