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Originally published on September 12, 2011 in Song Lyrics


I had to go see old Bruce
with his fistful of rings
gold toothed fat cats
who could communicate without
saying anything
he held the purse strings
and his breath
it wasn't the first time
that he'd cheated death
He was the son of a bent cop
his daughters asked me'where have all the good men gone'
as they bitched at each other to get to the top
as I walked through the gauntlet
of queens with no pawns
passed the empty rooms, joined the queue
stood behind indebted men
some with over ten years still to do

Put my hands into my faded purse
as I approached his trusted dame
she slavered like an over fed walrus
as the phone rang she snorted out my name
wiping her mouth with her gloved hand
setting up dodgey deals
collecting more souls to burn in their hell
waving her magic wand
She could smell the two grand
as she played with the pack of her filter tips
she broke a smile as she held out her hand
said'don't give me no lip,
just give me all your money
and you can have your monkey,
no frills attatched
you can have your monkey'

I clenched my fists'said 'show me his face',
she wiped her nose, shouted out 'make sure there's no trace'
out came monkeyman, my eyes welled up
so I handed over the two grand
then and only then did they let monkey stand
they let him depart from their shackles
as he hugged me he didn't grumble
Bruces daughters laughed and croaked
still looking to even the score
one of them started to choke
as monkey emptied his drawer
putting us down calling us many other last names
they were just victims of his mind games
looking for love and someone to blame

Monkeyman cried 'why do you care for me'?
I just took his hand and opened the door of my Hyundi
he said 'how can you forgive someone like me,
when all I bring you is heartache and misery?'
I said'I got all your comics and prayed for the children,
paid the rentman,played your Chohen songs at eleven eleven
so don't you tell me,you don't preach me your vision'
So I shed tears for your bondage
just like Moses long gone
because I missed you and your heritage
guess you needed some time on your own
but your my monkeyman brother
you just sit on my throne
I'll catch you fishes from the shore

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 26715
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