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Originally published on November 21, 2011 in Song Lyrics

falling from the sky

It was 2am new years day
I was celebrating
couldn't believe what I was hearing
asked him to repeat what he'd said
his brothers they said that's enough to drink
no more whiskey sours
they always had to get one up
as they'd sold me what to think
then I was running from this truth
tears blinding my blue eyes
with all my kin waiting for me
It had to be goodbye,couldn't tell a lie
falling from the sky

Stranger asked me for direction on that new years day
said he was of Wallis
told him I'd been dealt the ace
he asked me directions
wanted me to show him the place
never thought I'd meet the teacher
with billions in the human race
he shook my soul like a preacher
he looked me up and down
as we set off on our journey
heading out of town
talking about ravens and magpies
falling from the sky

I never needed any of the brothers again
they went on their merry way
I only wished them well
thanked them twice for their bargain
so I followed Wallis and all he knew
he left me in paradise
asked me to listen then said it's up to you
met people still on the run
some who looked just like you
some who never asked why
so many inhibitions afraid to cry
falling from the sky

He told me to stand in line
with my old typewriter
asked if I'd like to dine
offered me toast and caviar
I just went along for the ride
fighting off who I'd been
forgetting Louis Armstrong and every thing I'd seen
I started to judge the whole human race
felt all alone like I was out off place
smiled at fools,took on the chin never let out a sigh
falling from the sky

I went southward bound looking for charity
feeling every movement,hearing with clarity
I met an all American boy
who told me I was arrogant
so I sang a Dylan song let out my rant
and everyone stood in the same place as me
they were looking for a reason
they were looking to make history
like they needed to prove the lie that got them bye
falling from the sky

I woke up on the M1
German lady said what do you do for fun
so I fell asleep in her volkswagen
woke in desperation in Edinburgh town
I called my critics told me I was wrong
I was to tired to argue,so I gave them a Choen song
woke with a yawn every thing was clear
now I knew why uncle Archie drank his beer
and what made auntie Lizzie cry
they didn't want to know why
falling from the sky

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UKArchive ID: 26900
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