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Originally published on April 16, 2012 in Song Lyrics

I'm all used up

Slaved seven years
polished their gears
polished their shoes
listened to their views
I'm all used up

We danced under the moonlight
when we were young and bright
inspiring to leather soles
living out our roles
just being part of the people
two of the twelve disciples
I'm all used up

I fought for the cause
I've still got the scars
they still want me to disappear
it's the same year after year
in this land that's condemned
children of children abandoned
all for the sake of satisfaction
and to be the one that's firing the gun
I'm all used up

Well I can't give them all the answers
I can't even recommened a good provider
or a trusted brother or sister
that'll make them all the wiser
take a vow of promise
save them from demise
when I'm not as clean
as the man made machine
I'm all used up

Everyone goes away
just like yesterday
after living the lie
you hear the cry
to live the dream you've got to be sleeping
it's the only thing that'll stop the weeping
when you wake up all you hear is the screams
and broken hearts in broken dreams
as you live in your own hell
looking for something to sell
I'm all used up

I returned through the heather fields
with the rusted sword and broken shield
to a place that was burning
with dead science and politics justifying
the smoke in my eyes
and the sound of cries
with letters never written
from the host of that what was all forgotten
I'm all used up

Well I'm gonna play my harp blues
still haven't paid my dues
there's something bothering me
I done what they done and I'm still not free
give me your blessing if you'd be so kind
I've been following fools who are proud to be blind
it's only you who can make me king
it's only you who can make me sing
I'm all used up

Slaved seven years more
as I sneaked passed your door
to give you more time to think about it
as I dined you candle lit
just for a smile
so I could walk you down the aisle
but I don't need your gurus or masters
to know the names that are called out by the monsters
who are they to tell me how to die
to tell me when and when not to cry
I'm all used up

I hear they put your name on the election role
that'd you'd given up, sold your soul
thunder in the distant land
Harry playing in his one man band
but today's the day I'm gonna tell 'em all
what it was like before the fall
you must've been talking to someone last time I called
becuase you just snorted and chuckled
I was wondering where the people I lost could be
been looking for them at the bottom of the sea
I'm all used up

I was standing on the kerb breathing steam
watching rain clouds living your dream
with milk floats and spiders webs
birds singing to people still in their beds
with their life and fruit that is rotten
waking in their cells all lost and forgotten
with two bit radio flat screen tv
looking for a reason to believe
but someone's got it in for them
even before they can say amen
I'm all used up

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 27470
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Texasgreg on 16-04-2012
Im all used up
May seem strange to hear this about your piece, but it meant a lot to me...for reasons I cannot possibly convey to an entity less than an angel. Don't attempt to understand. I say thank-you.


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ChairmanWow on 19-04-2012
Im all used up
These lyrics have a lot to chew on.

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