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Originally published on May 4, 2012 in Song Lyrics

how much worse can it be

Human flesh being sold in the market
as we feed our cat's and fish
People so hungry, and starving
they've got someones child on their dish

Little girl scrounging because she didn't make the grade
hungers pang calling from the east
no hope,dream or vision,always afraid
carrying the mark of the beast

And the eyes of the world are far away
her masters seen to that
for you just another paradise day
as they despise this little brat

Human flesh being sold in the market
as just another piece of meat
some say it’d taste like pork
could’ve been someone you knew, or that lived in your street

Lumps of life, once covered with skin
and the blood that has run dry
I can only hear my good brother scream
and my dear sister cry

And life goes on, like it always does
who wants to be involved with the ones that bleed
and my good Lord is up in the heavens
and He’s hungry and cold in our streets

Human flesh being sold in the market
how much worse can it be
many try to escape by crossing the river
some even tried the open sea

A vast stream of desperate men and women
seek refuge in the Chinese land
hoping on Chinese hospitality
but they simply send ‘m back again

To where they are beaten heavy, and locked away in a camp for so long
for having thoughts of their own
treated less than a dog or a pig
they tend to die young, only skin and bones

And the world stands watching
and documents are piling up
meanwhile the blood of loved ones grows into a river
And it screams to GOD
{Genesis 4:10, Revelation 6:10}
yeah, the blood of our loved ones grows into a river
and it screams to GOD

Human flesh being sold in the market
and we don’t know how that feels
but in the Juche paradise people live it to the bone
might be their own flesh and blood being sold in a few more weeks

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 27548
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cooky on 04-05-2012
how much worse can it be
This write grows on you. i am not religious so the last two verses are wasted on me. The subject matter is fascinating, One wonders how far people will actually go should the crops fail.

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