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Originally published on May 21, 2012 in Song Lyrics

what have I become she prayed when will the clouds all disappear

Half a million brides
half a, million brides up for sale
for silver buck, and black gold
outnumbered men,outnumbered boys
looking, for a bargain, that's not so cold

The market falls
I take, a chance at getting fat,filthy,rich
fathers and sons searching for love,my first lucky break
a mother and daughter,two for the price of one
under midday's sun, my treasure trove

Portraits of the dictators
their soldiers waiting for their next bribe
counting their luck,ignoring what, the tannoid said
about Marx's philosophy, loyalty and pride
getting as much, as they can, for their illeagal aid

They fattened her up
she'd left her, family who'd died in the famine
a nation in tears, with fluttering swallows
I seen her through the crowd, and I, had to draw the line
as her tears, told the story, of a million sorrows

I couldn't sleep
I watched the rich, sobbing, and crying
at the lies, of everything, they'd held taboo
as the market crashed, from double dealing
they couldn't sell or buy, the love he had for you

The schools of thought
where lost time is collected
and given out, at a price, with inflation
paid back, when your thoughts are corrected
where souls are bargained for, against hell and damnation

She looks to the south
seventy two hours earlier, she'd walked through, deaths stench
in the father land, of lies and correction camps
where freedom is rewarded, with a kick and a punch
and the out spoken voice condems your family to scrounging tramps

Children of a lesser pain
I don't need your trials and ambitions
I've built your empire of dirt,signed your dotted line,
invested in faith,sacraficed many lives for a lowly position
as I drink your health the blood don't taste like wine

Unity will come
with the love of man and his God for hire
heaven in all it's promises and glory's
the path of freedom that leads away from the burnig fire
and the false idols stories

Thankyou she said
I've listened to your cries for a better world
as nature's kingdom dies and fades far,far away
I've diced with death with the great leaders peril
where's the light.what have I become she prayed

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 27624
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cooky on 21-05-2012
what have I become she prayed
Excellent write. I like this

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Andrea on 21-05-2012
what have I become she prayed
Few stray commas her and there, but good. Are you going to audio it, Rodel?

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