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Originally published on June 18, 2012 in Poetry


Still don't know after all these years
smoked your fancy cigarettes
drank your whiskey and your wine
woke up at dawn
sneezed and yawned
read about the world that was
fought for freedom and the peoples cause
then all of a sudden
I've become what I despise
living to die
believing the lies
the gnashing of teeth
pulling me down
the rooms are not big enough
I'm still locked in
I don't like you
even though we never met
I just see your silhouette
behind the steering wheel
stay away from my paradise
keep out of my mind
as I pass you on the stair
you raise your voice
to advertise your sick soul
and demons from this demented world
demented world
demented world
demented world
just leave me to lick my wounds
and to drink my concocted poison
put my crown of barbed wire on my head
afterall I'm living amongst the dead
nine inch nails rusting away at
the foundations of my empire
in the mirror I see a stranger
running away from all the danger
from all the danger
from all the danger
from all the danger
they hunt me down, they look me up
to be like them with all their pain
living in sorrow for tomorrow
eating from the pig pen
with passengers that taxi drivers wont hire
down at rock bottom talking about hell
they tell me all the kiss and tell
fruitless weekends gone in a flash
giving me their time as they slowly lose their mind
slowly lose their mind
slowly lose their mind
slowly lose their mind
I enter another night of darkness and betrayal
dance like a freak, wait for the sun under the black hail
point the finger at the weak and frail, of mind
sleep with mother earth and father time
regurgitate all I've seen on the marble floor
lock you out behind the iron door
run to the dead forests long gone
because I can't stand it no more
can't stand it no more
can't stand it no more
can't stand it no more

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 27765
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stormwolf on 18-06-2012
Oh I hear ya loud and clear, Bro.

The dollar's is going down and the rest of the global economy with it.

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody sees or hears it does it matter?

If the global economy is being driven to total depression by design of the big banks and nobody notices, does it still affect us?...bloody right it does!!!

As you say, the Jubilee celebrations were just sad to witness...Talk about brainwashed...

Don't know about you but I am getting organised. 😉

Alison x

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Texasgreg on 19-06-2012
Aye, if a tree lands on your head, do you hear it?
Read you loud and clear, Roy.
Good Stuff!

Greg 🙂

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cooky on 19-06-2012
Manic depression, and the wold has left this soul behind. on the bright side this subject matter is honey to the poet.

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barenib on 20-06-2012
Well said Roy, I can hear your guitar strumming - bring back the protest song! John

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