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Originally published on June 22, 2012 in Song Lyrics

so far away from home

Highland wind
caught the disease
when everyone was saying 'please'
please mister let me go
let me run in the sun and the snow
let me dream of freedoms liberty
gamble my future in the lottery

I looked into the fire
all I seen was cinders
as the flames grew higher
no mans land and her staring eyes
talking about the future of sons and daughters
her temptations I could not ignore
it was taught to me in the schools of folk lore

I slipped into a moment of comfort
to get away from the flies buzzing around my head
and all the truth in what she said
and all the payments that were over due
with one foot in the grave
that were coming after me
coming after you

I heard a voice saying 'welcome, we only got the penthouse left'
with the walls selling five euro cups of water
and matadors that make the heart beat faster
and the tv lady saying everything she said
with her hairspray,makeup teeth so white
her pupils contracted in the bright lights
with our destiny's broken at birth
meeting somewhere on mother earth

So I felt like a movie star
up on the roof top next to God
touching the stars and the lightening rod
leaving all my excuses and dreams behind
living in the moment out of time
rising from the bottom and reaching the top
tired from running coming to a stop

Now who you were married to I could just suppose
didn't know if it was the job or holy ghost
a handsome stranger who'd soon be dead
or the lonesome soldier from the outpost
I had no idea who you'd wed
but my time is running away with my thoughts
I read the news and my time is short
save for a few pennies in the charity box

Red faced and resentful from all the guilt
highland wind leaves nothing unspoilt
I was in your life for a moments grace
which set the motion of time at a different pace
so I'm going to cross the seventh sea
so I can't remember when you turned your back on me
and all your favourite darling,dearies
your one stands and soul searching inquries

So I end up playing it all alone
sleep with one eye open waiting for you
so I can wash your feet sit you on your throne
dissecting every sound for your voice
waiting for you to tell me what to do
highland wind leaves me no choice
highland wind leaves me no choice
highland wind leaves me no choice

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UKArchive ID: 27774
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cooky on 23-06-2012
Highland wind
I like this especially the third verse.

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