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Originally published on July 9, 2012 in Song Lyrics


Spray tanned freaks laughed at his words of wisdom
complained their brains were awakened in their whoredom
the cracked up author stood on his stage
royrodel played the blues clenching his fists in rage

Checkout operators and loft insulators
couldn't believe what they'd heard
the bouncers cried out philistine
as royrodel cracked his whip in time

In confusion the police were called
as the drunk children wailed and bawled
royrodel just bowed to the panic he'd ensued
played his guitar in all the mental goo

A party goer stood on a table
just to hear the howling fable
as he wiped the powder from his nose
and his fear from the father,son and holy ghost

The deisel fumes choked the lungs of chauffers
as they grabbed royrodels guitar and perfume
complaining to the answer that life was hard
and how they'd only done seven of the twelve yards

Alone and in the darkness of his nightmares
royrodel counted his blessings and his cares
drank his tainted water that was summoned from the deep
thanked the ants and spiders before he went to sleep

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 27857
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chant_z on 13-07-2012
cracked his whip in time
Very interesting epic text. The audio makes John Foxx pop up to me and that is a compliment indeed coming from me. "Hiroshima Mon Amour" :). On a more serious note the phrasing and expressive character of the voice adds to the lyrics and the result is very good indeed. Add to it the arrangement.

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