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Originally published on December 10, 2012 in Song Lyrics

the posh boys

Only the day before yesterday, they were a little risque
they sang the victory slogan, like they'd already won
living their lie,putting on the cabaret
and the lonely lovers
hugged sisters and brothers
and their hearts were torn with all the scorn
making deals with blind men and mocking birds
as the world stared and everything was blurred
sewage flowed freely from every pore
blocking out the last of the light
the posh boys
with scarred backs and minds
spitting rules and regulations
born of greed and frustration
and we let it pass
playing dice with your servants
putting everyone in their class
as they make up your constitution

I was there and he was alive
making sure that it'd arrive, on time
and we growled at those who understood
making gestures from our fragile frames
as the poison made us sane
then slowly releasing the madness again
pointing the finger never naming names
because we'd lost the book of rules
all that was left was the echo of the bells
so the moment was seized by the unloved
the posh boys
and our knees were on the prayer mat
as they bargained with the devil himself
but we can't talk about that
then the pens ran dry
no more reason
we forgot how to cry
you ignored the treason

And now the souls are sold,the deal is done
the faith you had,no longer makes you glad
you think they've won but what have you done
and the small change in my pocket
wont fill the beggars bowl
now their greed penetrates my mind
buying trinklets from the slave master
I look to the sky for some kind of sign
from the posh boys
with their phobias and fears
their moth balled aroma and crocodile tears
the posh boys
lying in their cold dungeons
waiting for the mark
that was forged on the ark
lost,shivering wrecks
confined to barracks
wondering if they'll be next

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 28918
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stormwolf on 20-12-2012
the posh boys
I really enjoyed this Rodel. Felt you were too far away from the mike though but original as always
Alison x

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