UKArchive ID: 29245no change from your fiver by royrodel
Originally published on January 18, 2013 in Faction

no change from your fiver

I just filled the car with tescos cheaper diesel
looked right and left, mum and dad were crying
over health and credit card refusal
and school league tables,
where they told more expensive fables
just because they wanted to be believers
where you get no change from your fiver

Sixteen years of playing war
the young lad needed a little bit more
so he took his mums hand
down to the army recruiting centre
and he walked through deaths theatre
wishing he was you,wishing he was clever
where you get no change from your fiver

And his sister's got a kid, who doesn't know their father
she does her best to keep facebook updated with her propaganda
and the shampoo that gives the best lather
as she advertises love that she never had from her father
and unused nappies and baby grows
afterall she's just a suvivor
where you get no change from your fiver

They pointed the finger at the old man
as he sang his song and danced and danced
smirked at their Jesus, took a chance
choked back their tears,that they'd saved up for years,
just so they could be friends with the bus driver
who gives you no change from your fiver

We all laugh at knowledge and sacraficing
and our brothers feelings of love
as he works that extra hour for his children
but the banks that you belong too
are selling their dream of being richer
who gives you no change from your fiver

So let's have the truth and nothing but the truth
with poisons filling our ears and noses
richman has his way, we are his fool,we are his fool,
so let the tv kick in,die,die,die without a fight
we are dead now, die my little inspirer
who gives you no change from your fiver

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 29245
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Savvi on 21-01-2013
no change from your fiver
A dark piece, you tell the story very well, lifes struggles pared back to the bone, very well done.

One crit, the last stanza felt a bit weak with the repeat lines.

Cheers Savvi

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