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Originally published on January 20, 2014 in Song Lyrics

common ground

Arsehole? Yeah you and me
Well what did you expect
after living in perpetual fantasy,
well did ya
is it on the BBC?
did you put saccharin in my Ethiopian coffee?
fuck you, your fantasy and your dirty washing
Listen to the tannoid that you
willingly pay for
where are all the good people?
good for nothing xenophobic, bigotted, hating, good people
life's just like watching cartoons in the dark
but only for a day or two
as those that suck on you ask you
to turn the other way
so you conform for confomities sake
then eat drink and be merry
at someones cost
there's room at the top
for you and your spawn
just wave the flag
smoke your religion
your computers and mobile phones
you cant even hurt yourself no more
no reason to
you're fucked
the product of your apathy
a liar in full bloom

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 32158
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royrodel on 19-10-2014
a liar in full bloom
Deaths veil on the carpet and the tV screen
that ranted the things that made us utterly controlable
living with someone elses unwanted despised, the dirty unclean.

And the elected few that represented you
had their limousine and beauty queen
paid for by me and you
As the oil poured over dead babies
who never had a chance to catch rabies
from your rabid dog
on your groundhog day
as you sit in your pews and pray

The daily bugle
with sex unsexed
and government spending unvexed
if such wisdom could be delivered
to all the lily livered
as they argued over the spelling of lilly!
Damned! Totally damned as they
search for a fresh vein
and look to the columns for a refain

I was right and he was wrong
but he could sing the song
better than me
And we condemned everyone,
with our judgemental song
He was white and I was black
the scales tipped just as a matter of fact
like it's always been, on you knees and pray,
but the hunt is on for your possesions
on channel grave

The TV channel 'grave'
who told us to save
surrounded by foreigners
real estate and unbelievers
read fiction at the best of times
just gluttony and minor crimes
nothing to see here, dear,
move along, there's a good chap,
just take their crap

It has always been a long time coming
always like the lift you get hitch hiking,
when time has no relevance as you take a chance
with some stranger and an unknown danger
solving your solution ,going in your direction
as you shoot up your cola fix
and listen to the ten thirty mix
as your dog licks its arse
in your panic of a farce
because Z faxtor is a repeat
in the mid night heat
doze now, you silly cow, you man of the moment
you all encompassed freak.

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