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Originally published on March 9, 2015 in Poetry    

A poem about discovering yourself in the middle of entrances and exists... and claiming your place in it all. (with loose reference to various cosmologies worldwide which speak of Mother Spider)

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There’s a dark night ahead.

I‘ll host a banquet in your honour
while the light remains
and sit you head of table...
help you to your rest
when indigo descends.

The pull is on the web,

but while these legs still walk
I’ll fold you all in in caring kindness
roll you up securely...
Almost smother you, in love.

Life's just a passing shadow,
a hiccup to infinity
or fleeting sigh in Fortune's ear.

I need to nail our permanence
to something that will linger

Place stamp upon the future.
Reverberate in un-dreamt dreams
Give wings, to rising souls
to access heaven, or infant hearts
to soothe and bless.

My words must be indelible,
my interactions meaningful,
Till Greater Sun shall take me
Mother Spider’s
always spinning.

Alison Stormwolf
March 2015

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 34563
Archived comments for Dawn Webs
ifyouplease on 09-03-2015
Dawn Webs
lovely spiritual poem many layers here xx

Author's Reply:
Thanks Nic.
Yes, several layers indeed;-)
Alison x

franciman on 09-03-2015
Dawn Webs
You do this so well, Alison. There's something of the firelit gypsy in you. You dance soft and bare-foot yet twirl and stamp to get the message across.
To me the poet is comfortable in her cosmos (or cosmologies). And yet she needs to give a human value; though regretting that necessity? of course I could be wildly off the mark!
It's lovely work, though for me
'but while the light remains'
comes too early. It has more impact if

There’s a dark night ahead
I‘ll host a banquet in your honour
while the light remains
and sit you head of table.

Just my opinion, LOL
Oh, and a nomination.
Jim xx

Author's Reply:
Hi Jim,
Totally gobsmacked at the nomination. Thanks so much.:-)))
I will be honest. Until the very last gasp was going to delete this one, which came complete and very unexpected ;-/
I felt it may be too complicated as what happens with me often is a mood comes over me...then I feel I want to capture it and the words come. So the poem is multi-layered, starting off with the first line which is both personal (in knowing my mother has not long to go) to general, in seeing the world is on a precipice.
The poem then winds along under the spider who, in many different philosophies, is not the negative creature so many think of.... but a weaver of worlds and dreams.
The realization dawns, that only yesterday I was a wee girl and now I am the mother to my I ponder on the transience of life and how important it is for me to leave my mark in a meaningful way and not just cease to exist. I need to be remembered by those I love as I am.

It finishes with the knowledge that Mother Spider is always spinning. So it's not over till the fat lady sings...I am telling myself that no matter what circumstances may look like...the pattern is never complete and we only see a small part of it.
The I realised that is so many ways. I am Mother Spider for those I love and care for. So the rolling up and smothering is not done as in a fly in a web but the work of loving attendance while my legs (all 8 of them) ha-ha still work.
I have altered the poem as you suggested.
Just fair delighted so I am.

Alison xx

Mikeverdi on 09-03-2015
Dawn Webs
Okay... I've got a handle on this one now. I like the way the first part weaves together and I am pleased I understand it. If I'm honest I got lost in the second part, but we have always said 'you don't have to always understand everything to enjoy the words' HaHa!
You are to good to stop Alison.

Author's Reply:
Hey Mike .
I loved the way you said the first part WEAVES together! Great pun.
Yes, we do not necessarily need to understand a poem to enjoy it or sometimes we enjoy a poem while finding something totally left field from the writer's intention.
It's all good.
Just like we can appreciate art. I would not give house room to the MonaLisa I have to say :(whereas, if a painting moves me, I don't give a hoot how much it's worth.
Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder as they say.
Thanks for trawling through the ones that make your eyes water lol

Alison xx

sweetwater on 11-03-2015
Dawn Webs
I loved this, so many wonderful lines,' life's just a passing shadow...' And ' roll you up securely..' To name just two. Very, very nice. Sue xx

Author's Reply:
Thank you Sue. As I say, I really pondered over posting this. I think the day we stop being concerned about our work, is the day we stop challenging ourselves!...but it can be nerve wracking right enough. Alison x 🙂

pommer on 11-03-2015
Dawn Webs
The first three lines says it all for me.They are so touching and made me think.Thank you for sharing Alison, Peter xx

Author's Reply:
Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Peter. I know that it's not easy for many of us as time goes by
Alison xx

e-griff on 12-03-2015
Dawn Webs
If you'll accept comment from me: I thought this exceptional, as others have said multi-layered and woven carefully throughout. I would not change the opening, I considered the single opening line and the sequence following very powerful. I especially liked the 'indigo descending'.

Author's Reply:
Thanks for reading and your encouraging comments
. Alison

Capricorn on 16-03-2015
Dawn Webs
I love the many layers of this one Alison. It is indeed an exceptional poem. I'm glad it as been nominated. In the meantime I hope you will consider submitting it for publication somewhere!

Eira x

Author's Reply:
Hi Eira
Sorry for my late reply. I keep meaning to try to promote myself but more important things keep diverting me 😟
Procrastination is my middle name.
I am very happy you liked this one and thanks as ever for commenting.
Alison x

Supratik on 07-05-2015
Dawn Webs
These lines could only come from a wordsmith! I am speechless..
"Life's just a passing shadow,
a hiccup to infinity
or fleeting sigh in Fortune's ear." Excellent! Your poems have the power to influence people beyond boundaries!

Author's Reply: