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Originally published on February 8, 2016 in Poetry

A different posting. One of my poems made into a short film.

Ennui - Depression Poetry Film from Gareth Rawbone on Vimeo.

Film by Gareth Rawbone.

Large night eyes
staring into nothingness.
A sea of blackness
and only
the solitary
beating of my heart
reminds me
I live.
Exquisite loneliness,
deafening solitude
and only
the company
of my
tired thoughts
reminds me
I am.

© Alison Stormwolf

I was approached by a film student studying digital media production in England. He is currently working on a project, aimed at poetry and using visual medium to compliment poems.

I think he has done an incredible job,capturing exactly what I was trying to say in the poem.
It is wonderful see poetry portrayed in other creative ways.

Thank you Gareth.

© stormwolf (stormwolf on OLD UKA)
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amman on 08-02-2016
Hi Alison.
The filmmaker has done an effective job of capturing the essence of your poem visually but perhaps the vocal delivery is a tad slow. The poem itself is so achingly redolent of a numbing, unnerving tiredness. Terrific expression.

Author's Reply:
Hi Tony,
Thanks for reading and commenting. I feel the slowness of the delivery is totally in sync with the almost terminal fatigue and slowness of thinking and speaking that can manifest in some kinds of depression. It really did reflect my own feelings at the time that stimulated this poem.
I welcome your honest opinion as always though and interesting to see what others think.

I am very delighted with the rating which I left on thinking that the rating will be more about Gareth's work than my own as I hope to enourage him.
Thanks again and when are you going to be posting?

Alison x

pdemitchell on 08-02-2016
I agree - the delivery and timing suits the subject and the atmospherics - Gareth did a fine job with this! Hooooowwwwwwwlllllllzzz!

Author's Reply:
Howlz backatcha Thankee kindlee
Alison X

Slovitt on 09-02-2016
Alison: very effective. "the solitary/beating of my heart", "exquisite loneliness", brought to life, given a poignant meaning in the very well done reading of your poem. Swep

Author's Reply:
Hi Swep,
Lovely to see you back. Thanks for reading and your encouragement. Hope all is well in Swep land 😉
Alison X

Gothicman on 09-02-2016
Hello HA x,
PC? Or what I really think? Tad slow, fell asleep half way through! The girl, the voice, the non-cliché bits, excellent. The poem: awful! No, love it, it's the waking state, it's taken me a lifetime to achieve, glorious there, but not-thereness!
Not Gareth Malone, but, of course, it's a great honour to be stalked in this modern way! It's a declaration of love for an artist's work, something creatively descriptive that puts into words what many feel, and will have said, but few can say.
Hope this trend continues, because many song texts and short feature films today lack literary quality, never mind how good the visuals and added music are. We need more Dylans, Lennons, and Alisons to promote good English. Well done that girl and Gareth, he's going to go far one feels!
LT xx

Author's Reply:
That's me in a nutshell. There but not there ...maybe why my parents said I'm not all there! Lol 😜
Your considered comments are always a feast for my brain haha
H A 😝 X

Bozzz on 10-02-2016
Hi Alison, yes we have all been through these moments when we found only our heartbeat for company - a kind of return to the womb. Being severely deaf, I have not tried the audio-visual version for fear of confusing the emotion I felt from just my reading of the piece. For me it is enough to appreciate the effect of matching simplicity in words with the reality of the feelings in the mind. I will leave it at that for today and come back tomorrow with another comment after drinking the added visual effects. Meantime, thank you for the moments of pleasure....Your David

Author's Reply:
I always smile when I see you comment on my work
You manage to find something positive to say no matter what the obstacles. I truly appreciate you.
Alison xx

sweetwater on 11-02-2016
I read, and loved your written version but, and I apoloise as I do not wish to offend, I really didn't enjoy the audio. The visuals, her voice, the dullness of her delivery, and awful stilted slowness grated on my nerves, in total honesty I was rather depressed by it. Oh dear Alison I am so sorry to be so unkind its only my opinion, and others liked it very much. I will just enjoy the printed version. Sue xxx

Author's Reply:
Oh dear
Horses for courses but as I say, I felt the whole thing captured the experience, which was written from my own experience perfectly. You say you found it depressing but it is about depression so in that way it must have come over.
It was not meant to be uplifting.
I could not be happier with the presentation but it's always interesting to see how others experience it.
Alison X

Bozzz on 11-02-2016
Hi Alison I did run the film and could hear the voice clearly. That said, frankly I agree with some of the prior comments. Pace of speaking too slow and film and music effects did not add anything for me. Pity because I had hoped that least the music would do so. Maybe I am too old fashioned in my outlook. Sorry mate and love from David

Author's Reply:
Hi David
I can only repeat what I have said before, that to me, being in the unique position here, of knowing exactly what the poem was describing, I feel he did a very good job.
I feel some prefer to simply read and form their own mental imagery and that's ok too. I like to push the envelope on different ways to portray poetry and would encourage others to try it too.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I would feel the same if someone was to say, paint a picture of a poem. It's all good in my book.
Alison X